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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

The 30th Colloquium


 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Institute of Indian Studies HK+ Team hosted the 30th colloquium on the topic of " Reality and Modality of Great Transition - factors and process of change " on Friday, March 12th.


 In this colloquium, 12 professors from five different research departments (philosophy & religion/language & literature/history/society & culture/politics & economy) of HK+ Project Team presented a wide range of research related to factors and process of change in Great Transition. It included‘Buddhist Modernism and Forest Monk Tradition in Sri Lanka’, ‘Western’s perception on 19th century Indian Yoga and Brahmo Samaj's view’, ‘Modernization of Hinduism & Orientalism’, ‘Language Reformationfocusing on Indian literary award’, ‘Languages in IndiaBeyond conflict’, ‘Origin of Worshiping Treefocusing on ancient Buddhist sculpture’, ‘Development and Political Implication of Ramakrishna’s cow protection movement’, "Analyzing changes of using Urdu in Great Transition in India” "Hindutva’s Muslim exclusionary strategy using cow”, "Financial Inclusion in India", "Inclusive Growth: The Political Economy of India's New Growth Story", "India in Transition: Strategic Partnership in Development". As a part of sharing research findings on Great Transition, this colloquium covered interesting topics and promote interdisciplinary research.