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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

International Conference organized by IIS



The one-day virtual seminar titled "Great Transition in India: Rethinking the Past Insights" was organized by the Institute of Indian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (IIS HUFS). The conference was held through Zoom Webinar on 27 April, 2022 from 13:00 to 19:40 (KST).


Professor Chanwahn Kim (Director, Institute of Indian Studies, HUFS) delivered his opening remarks thanking all panelists and attendees for their support and cooperation.


In total there were three sessions, where the first session, entitled "Hindi, Hinduism and the Identity Building in India" was chaired by Prof. Choonho Lee from Institute of Indian Studies. Four speakers, Prof. Peter Friedlander from Australian National University, Prof.Jong-Jeong Kim from Institute of Indian Studies (HUFS), Prof. Dheepa Sundaram from University of Denver and Prof. Jihyun Lee from Institute of Indian Studies (HUFS) presented their papers.


Second session was the special JIAS issue which was moderated by Prof. Rajiv Kumar from Institute of Indian Institute (HUFS). For the session, Prof. Aseema Sinha from Claremont McKenna College, Prof. Shalendra Sharma, Linghan University, Prof. Sojin Shin from Tokyo International University, Prof. Markus Pauli from Ireland India Institute, Prof. Himanshu Jha from Heidelberg University, Prof. Ipshita Basu from University of Westminster and Prof. Ivica Petrikova from University of London spoke about continuity and changes in India's political economy.


The third session was dedicated to Junior Scholars which was chaired by Prof. Aditi Singh from Institute of Indian Studies (HUFS). Mr. Jinwon Han from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Ms. Wenjing Gao from Carleton University, Ms. Aaheli Ahmed from Indian Institue of Foreign Trade, Ms. Doyeon Kim from Korea Institute for International Economic Policy and Najibullah Haidari from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies presented their research about various topics.


Professor N.C. Kar from Department of Hindi, HUFS gave the vote of thanks to all the chairs, panelists and attendees. The Institute of Indian Studies endeavors to study the Great Transition in India focusing various facets of India's politics, economy and in the field of humanities that are pertinent at the current time.