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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

The 39th Colloquium



Speaker: Young-mi Byun (Swara India-KoreaIndia Culture Exchange Centre)


□ The HK+ Team at the Institute of Indian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, hosted the 39th colloquium on the topic "How does Indian Traditional Theatre realize the Totality of the Body?" on January 24th (Mon.).


The lecture aims to understand the purpose of Indian traditional Theatre and how that is realized on the stage. Characteristics and method of performance were introduced by the speaker. She explained the outline of Abhinaya: Āṅgika Abhinaya, Sāttvika Abhinaya, Vāchika Abhinaya, and Āhārya Abhinaya. The colloquium offered a good opportunity to discuss the totality of the body in Indian traditional theatre and its value.


Over 20 participants made this event successful.