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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

Special Lecture: Dr. Yoon Jung Choi (Sejong Institute)



 Institute of Indian Studies, Humanities Korea Plus Project Team (HK+) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) hosted a special lecture by Dr. Yoon Jung Choi, director of Center for ASEAN and Indian Studies at Sejong Institute on December 28th (Tue.). 

 The lecture covered topics as follows: 1) The advent of the Second Cold War? 2) Influence of COVID-19: focusing on Indian economy 3) Changes in India's external strategy 4) Emerging agendas: focusing on digital and green initiatives and 5) Directions of New Southern Policy.  

First, under the theme of 'The advent of the Second Cold War?', recent efforts and conflicts related to the status of hegemony between the U.S. and China were introduced. There have been changes in trade environment and manufacturing center from China to ASEAN and India. In relation to this issue, the speaker presented in-depth content on the diplomatic and economic characteristics, crises, and future coping directions of Korea in this situation. 

Second, with the topic 'Influence of COVID-19', the impact of the pandemic was outlined, focusing on the Indian economy, and India's growth potential and future opportunities were considered. 

Third,  India's recent changes in its foreign strategy were introduced. India's efforts to strengthen trade barriers to China, India's active support for a safe supply chain excluding China, strengthened non-alliance diplomacy, and Quad were discussed. 

Fourth, India's emerging agenda such as digital and green initiatives were presented. The speaker introduced digital and green which are recent global emerging agendas, and explained India's digital growth and green competitiveness in great detail using various diagrams. In particular, presenting climate change and digital cooperation between Korea and India was very impressive. 

Lastly, the speaker presented the direction of development of Korea's New Southern Policy. She outlined the history of Korea-India relations and explained the current state. In conclusion, the speaker stressed the need for a strategy integrated with the vision for India and the Indo-Pacific region in the future. 

 □ The special lecture was completed successfully and this important topic was discussed carefully and analysed in great-depth in the presentation.