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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

Indian Humanities Week




Gandhi Ashram (Regional Humanities Centers) of the Institute of Indian Studies at HUFS and Indian Cultural Center at the Embassy of India, Seoul hosted the Indian Humanities Week Program for three days from October 25th to 27th.



The event, which was hold as part of "The 16th Humanities Week" organized by the Korea Research Foundation, had various programs such as 'Special Lecture on Indian Food', 'Special Lecture on Indian Film', 'Special Lecture on Indian Cities', 'India Travelogue', and 'Indian Dance Performance' under the title "In COVID era, Talk Everyday Life with India - Talk on 'Unity in Diversity'". All the events were provided online due to the COVID-19 situation.


The Institute of Indian Studies at HUFS  made its best endeavors to conduct HK+ Project titled the Great Transition in India: A Korean Perspective on Indian Studies.