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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

Special Lecture: Prof. Moosup Jung (Donga University)



Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Institute of Indian Studies HK+ Team hosted a special lecture by Prof. Moosup Jung on the topic "Mutual Win-win Emerging Market Entry Strategy and Industrial Corridor Project of India" on October 13th (Wed).


This special lecture briefly introduced the contents related to the topic by discussing the existing studies of Prof. Moosup Jung. First, it defined the New Southern Policy as a mutual win-win emerging market entry strategy. It also contains 3Ps: People, Prosperity, and Peace. The strategy aims to achieve the win-win formula for the emerging countries, entering companies and entering countries by combining the participants and constituents.


The win-win entry should be CSV (Creating Shared Value) strategy beyond the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and increases both the economic value and social value of the company as Micheal Porter argued.


Prof. Jung explained the way Japan entered the Indian market as an example. On the other hand, the win-win entry of Korean companies is still in its early stages. Slow processing speed of Indian administrative, problems with domestic funds, and lack of experts are the reason for the inactive Korea's investment in India. Finally, it emphasized the importance of educational institutions such as the Institute of Indian Studies at HUFS.


Over 20 participants made the event successful.