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Indian Studies through Comprehensive Structural Studies

The 34th Colloquium



 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Institute of Indian Studies HK+ Team hosted the 34th colloquium on the topic of "India, at a crossroad! Understanding QUAD from India’s perspective" on Monday, July 12th. 


 The speaker first presented the historical background of the four-nation partnership initiative, the US Indo-Pacific strategy, and India's perspective on the QUAD. The end of the Cold War has led to the rise of neoliberalism and the rise of multilateralism. The United States, which has enjoyed hegemony since the end of the Cold War, has lost its status in the past due to China's footnote and multilateralism. In 2007, Japan advocated Quad first to counter China's economic development, which is developed by the United States into military security cooperation. By suppressing China through a four-party cooperation system in terms of military and economic, it tries to maintain its existing hegemony status in the United States, which is closely related to the U.S.'s Indo-Pacific strategy. In 2021, the first quad summit of the United States, Japan and Australia was held. But the summit only published climate and Coronavirus-related content, and no direct checks on China were released.

This indicates that there is difference in position between the US and India toward China. India has traditionally been closely related to Russia, not trusting the United States, and has an attitude to maintain a multilateral position as a regional loser rather than a security aspect. India is participating in the QUAD in three perspectives: border disputes with China, maintaining maritime hegemony in the Indian Ocean, and new Eastern policy, but unlike the United States, it does not try to pressure China in military issue. India is only interested in the benefits of participating in the QUAD. This is worth noting from the standpoint of Korea, which has recently been asked by the United States to join the QUAD or join the pressure on China. In this international political situation, Korea should consider the benefit it can have when it is taken.

In addition to this, the development of Indian capitalism through the collapse of Indian farmers and privatization is a historical necessity, so the speaker explained that the future life of most ordinary Indians is likely to be gloomy without the wise response of farmers.

 Over 20 participants made the event successful.